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We Create Our Own Realities, So Lets Create Our Own Education!

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Education is the single most important contribution to one's self knowledge, awareness, understanding, and success. Without contributing to the vital source of education as a source of opportunity, it is next to impossible to elevate ourselves. If we were to create our own education based on OURstory, what would that look like? How do we teach the necessary principles applicable to our needs and desires as a People - For Us By Us?

Join Wisdom from the Field at a think tank discussion on how we can create the resources our Youth and Adults need to bring forth fruit in our communities.

#WisdomFromTheField, #WFTF, #NuburkiNation, #LosAngeles, #Community, #PODEnterprise, #ProductsOfDeterminationEnterprise, #D2RMN8N, #Education #FUBU

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