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Need Diapers, Toys, Books, Educational Tools or Resources? 'Wisdom from the Field' Has It 4 U

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

WFTF is a family of community members working to end the struggle felt by Melanated Families in our communities. It is are done by creating programs to serve our basic needs while teaching how to provide for self.

As they wor to build institutions that educate, employ, and empower, taking responsibility for our neighborhoods and making our streets a better place to grow and thrive in makes the community one big family again.

FREE BABY DIAPERS for families in need!

No applications, no requirements, no hassle.

Drop - offs are available to the home and are made within 72 hours from the request. For more info, call 323.601.7209

Although food giveaways are currently on pause, they will recommence very soon! Please keep your "Eye on the Wise" for future updates on this.

Alongside the above services, Wisdom offers political education for its Wisdom 101 series, cultural events such as Rap Sessions and Young Revolutionary Poets, a Children's Library, Women's Wellness series, and social gatherings in between.

Find out more by visiting Www.WisdomFTF.Com and feel free to get in touch any time.

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