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Karen Bass-vs-Jeff Sessions: 'Black Identity Extremists'. What about 'White Identity Extremists'?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Karen Bass asks Jeff Sessions to identify what the FBI has dubbed "Black Identity Extremists", which targets "black Activists" - where there is no FBI identification for "White Identity Extremists" of which have - in fact, formed groups throughout history that fit the profile of Extremists. What does this mean for our families?



As of 2014, there are 49 gang injunctions targeting 82 neighborhoods, 100% of which are communities of color.

In the city of Los Angeles, gang injunctions target 68% latino, 31% blacks, 1% Asian, zero Pacific Islanders, and none target whites.

The area surrounding Los Angeles has more white Supremacy groups and white Biker Gangs than any other region in the United States and are primarily responsible for establishing South Cali as the methamphetamine capital of the world!

The Aryan Brotherhood is classified by the FBI as the most violent group in federal prison.

Gang injunctions are a part of gentrification, discrimination, unequal protection and systemic prejudice.  It also takes away the right to defense as the "civil court order" that it is, meaning that folks served with an injunction are denied their Constitutional Rights and stripped of the right to representation despite the difficult challenge to defend oneself in civil court.

To see how you can be part of the community progress, visit Chuco's Youth Justice Coalition here

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