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Thanks to all who made this magical experience possible!

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Welcome to an extracurricular program that encourages Youth to get excited about the treasured legacy of their Ancestors.  Participants will engage their many senses in 1st annual Kwanzaa Series Exploratory Program. 


Community children ages 7 to 9 are invited to partake in a cultural adventure where we engage in exciting discussions and activities involving the 7 principles of Kwanzaa for this very special celebration.  

Donations are acceptable below or we ask that people sponsor a child for future exploratory travels! 

Every penny helps to ensure that local youth have access to fun, enriching activities in their neighborhoods.

 If you would like to participate in future events, please sign up today!

Sponsor a Child's Field Trip!

 Our GOAL is to stash some cash aside while we plan our next event!

Please submit your sponsorship below and participate in our Parent Survey to help us cater our events to our community's needs. 

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Register today! 

Please help us to better serve your child by participating in our Parent Survey   HERE!

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