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What is the P.O.D. ComeUnity?


The word part “com” is Latin, used in any word meant to describe as “common”, or “together”.  The word part “uni” is a Latin term used in any word meant to describe as “one”, or “single”. Therefore, those that are a reflection of the P.O.D. ComeUnity come together as a unit in building a source of unprecedented opportunity.


P.O.D. defines ComeUnity (spelled especially with a capital “U” to accentuate the term “Unity”) as an active fellowship, uniting common interests based on values of honesty, integrity, gratitude, humanity, and collective co-operation to create resources for all.  In this mission, national, international, & global initiatives foster the P.O.D. ComeUnity. It acts with intent to enhance lives and offer the underserved access to resources otherwise challenging to aquire.


Have a peek inside some of our community's most ardent challenges of today.


A place for Aboriginal youth to explore their past, present, and future.


A visual journey.

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