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Products of determination enterprise

Who are We?

Products Of Determination (P.O.D.) Enterprise is the parent company to P.O.D. Arts & Entertainment, Publishing, and ComeUnity,  a conglomerate using the power of creativity to participate in the evolution of its global family. D-2-r-m-n-8-n is the force behind creation which helps it blossom, and our mission is to nurture and feed a flowering community with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

CharliZero by Walter Ford

P.O.D. Entertainment


P.O.D. Entertainment is a film and music production company that houses artist Zero and upcoming film projects including music videos, short, and feature films.

Zero is an experimental indie artist based out of the Tongva Territory.


P.O.D. Publishing


P.O.D. Publishing is home to The Zero Point blog and is currently focused on featuring a variety of local art and community coverage. There are also services available in a multitude of genres that include Film & TV scripture, music licensing, HTML website development, and several other writing services.


P.O.D. ComeUnity


P.O.D. ComeUnity aims to facilitate resources which comprise today's universal fabric as a facet of Aboriginal sustainability.





Featured Artist

CharliZero (b.k.a "Zero") is a  Tongva artist embodied of her Moorish American Heritage from the mainlands of Al Maghrib al Aqsa to the Isles of Atlán.  Music became her oxygen, forever committed to the purest expression of her journey through this lifetime.

She picks apart the Art which speaks to her existence, reflected in a unique tonality and style that's become signature for her. Vast studies of countless influence had people urging her toward successor of many a noteworthy artist, but Zero had to find that inner voice that would earn her place amongst fans and peers alike by being herself and expressing it through her own mediums. After a lifetime of art studies, it was in her teens that she'd found a way.


Photographer: @ajaaimage

Already versatile in the music of her roots, Zero tosses her own Sazón into an eclectic blend of a NewWave recipe she dubs "Experimental World Music", which is where HERstory begins...

Inspired by the voice of music, Zero takes people to a place where the feeling is real.  In her singing, writing, and composition, she aims to be the voice for that part of us that’s often afraid to express raw emotion, in hopes that whether we love or hate her, she just makes us feel.

Photo & Design: Walter Ford




Classic Cali HipHop group OverDoz represents for WestCoast Natives on their long-awaited album 2008 and fans are hype!




Have a peek inside some of our community's most ardent challenges and accomplishments of today 


A place for Melanated youth to explore their past, present, and future.

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